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There's a simple rule you can follow if you can't decide whether to buy or lease a new car

Buy or lease? It's the question I get asked most often by people who aren't car experts.

I've offered some convoluted and customized responses in the past, but over the last year or so, I've concluded that you can deal with this inquiry by applying a simple rule.

Here it is: Don't buy a car if all you want is transportation.

Explaining the rule is a bit more complicated. 

If you buy a new car, you're buying both an asset and a depreciating asset. There's no such thing, for the most part, as a car that will be worth more in the future than you've paid for it (usually with an auto loan, which means principle plus interest of five years or more). Stuff like collectible Ferraris are an exception. But the price of entry is of course in the hundreds of thousands. And you have to wait for that vintage value to develop. For, like, 30 years.

Netflix forced to pull 'disgusting' dismembered finger ad promoting new Drew Barrymore zombie series 'Santa Clarita Diet' (NFLX)

Netflix was forced to take down a Germany-wide billboard campaign that featured a dismembered finger and aimed to promote its new series "Santa Clarita Diet",  after the public complained it was "disgusting," the Berliner Tagesspiegel reported on Monday.

The ad campaign depicted a cut up finger sprinkled with curry, in the style of a German currywurst dish.

The streaming service even set up currywurst stands around Berlin to promote the new series, which stars Drew Barrymore as a flesh-eating zombie.

Genius ????

WeChat tests paywalls for publishers

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Toyota just teased a new electric concept car ahead of the Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is rapidly approaching and Toyota already gave us a glimpse of what it plans to show.

Toyota released a teaser photo of a brand new electric vehicle concept, the i-TRIL concept, on Monday. Toyota said the concept is meant to showcase the automaker's research into "more engaging environmentally-friendly mobility solutions" in a press release.

The vehicle will feature a one-plus-two seating layout, meaning there is one seat up front and two in the back, making it more like a motorcycle with additional room for passengers. Toyota said the concept is meant as a "viable alternative" to traditional segment cars and motorcycles for those looking to drive in urban environments.

Computer glasses that claim to protect your eyes from screens are selling like crazy, but they probably aren't doing you much good

People are increasingly concerned that bright light — especially "blue light" from computer screens — is causing harm, making it a potentially dangerous public-health issue. Eyewear and screen-protector companies have started to sell products that they say can protect people from such harm. We do know that blue light at night can interfere with sleep, causing a host of negative effects. But the evidence that the amount of light screens expose us to during the day is harmful is not really there. Many experts think these products are unnecessary and could do more harm than good. But there's still a lot we don't know.

Many of us spend our days staring into bright screens.

Jay Z is launching his own venture capital firm

Jay Z is entering the world of venture capital.

According to Axios' Dan Primack, the rapper and music mogul is launching a VC fund along with Roc Nation President Jay Brown. The pair are looking to add a third investment partner and plan to partner with Sherpa Capital to launch the fund, Axios reports.

We've reached out to representatives for Jay Z, and we'll update this story if we hear back.

Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, has been investing in tech startups since at least 2012. Both Carter and Brown invested in Uber's Series B, according to Axios, and Carter has invested in three other startups: the high-tech-luggage maker

21 unprofessional email habits that make everyone hate you

With the onslaught of emails we receive every day, it's hard to imagine how anyone could keep up professional email habits at all times.

To make this task a little less daunting, we asked experts to highlight some of the least professional behaviors you could demonstrate when sending an email.

While mastering the art of good email etiquette doesn't mean sending out beautifully crafted prose each time — that would take forever — if you can avoid these bad habits, you'll be off to a great start.

Sending 'urgent' emails that aren't urgent

"Like the boy who cried wolf, if you abuse the urgent marker, it won't be long until no one will pay any attention to it," Rosemary Haefner, chief human-resources officer for CareerBuilder, tells Business Insider.

And when you finally do send a truly urgent email, no one will pay attention to that one, either, she says.


Urban Outfitters is selling a T-shirt with the classic AOL logo for $45 (AOL)

Want a taste of some 90's early internet nostalgia?

For $45, this T-shirt featuring AOL's classic logo can be yours, courtesy of Urban Outfitters:

Ted Leonsis, the former AOL exec and current owner of the Washington Capitals hockey team, even tweeted about it:

AOL Tshirts, back in vogue here, click to buy.

— Ted Leonsis (@TedLeonsis) February 18, 2017

The 10 industries where your internship is most likely to turn into a full-time job

It's officially intern season. It's that time of year where countless college students and young people around the country scramble to secure internships for the summer and beyond

However, even the best internships end, eventually. That's why it's great to find a role that at least has the possibility of turning into a full-time gig.

LinkedIn recently analyzed user data and job postings to figure out which fields tend to see internships turn into job offers, measured by retention rates at individual companies. LinkedIn members who hold current full-time positions in organizations where they previously interned were counted as "retained hires." Those retained hires were then broken down based on industry.

Take a look inside the 11 best yachts showcased at Miami's premier yacht show

One of Miami's biggest yacht shows ended on Monday. 

Yacht aficionados had a chance to tour yachts taking up more than 1.2 million square feet of space in Miami this past weekend.

We rounded up the 11 most impressive luxury yachts featured this year — scroll down for a closer look:

1. The 11.11 yacht: The 206-foot yacht fits 12 guests and is available for charter at just under $700,000 a week through Y.CO. It has six cabins, including a master and VIP suite. The master bedroom has its own private sundeck. The upper deck comes with a plunge pool and plenty of room for sunbathing.