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34 of the most important Star Wars heroes, ranked from worst to best

There are a lot of heroes in the Star Wars universe — almost too many to keep track of.

Some of them are among the most memorable characters in all of fiction, and some are memorable for being the absolute worse. (Meesa think probably you know exactly who we are talking about. How rude!) 

Some of the best characters fighting for the good side of the Force throughout the films have been in our lives for decades, like R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker. And some, like BB-8 or Rey, haven't been in the universe for long, but their impact is already powerful.

We ranked 34 of the most notable and memorable heroes in the Star Wars universe, from General Leia to Jar Jar Binks. 

Here's the Star Wars heroes, ranked from worst to best:

34. Jar Jar Binks

Here's what it was like to buy the $100 Shake Shack-inspired sneakers made by Silicon Valley's favorite shoe brand, which were available for one day only in New York City (SHAK)

Earlier this week, popular burger chain Shake Shack and Silicon Valley-favorite shoe brand Allbirds announced they had teamed up to release a sneaker that would be available in New York City for one day only, on May 24.

The Shake Shack-inspired sneaker, which created in the style of Allbirds' lightweight Tree Runner shoe, cost $100 to get — but it also involved standing in a monstrously long line on a hot day in Madison Square Park, smack dab in the middle of New York City.

And yet, lines formed as early as 5 a.m. Ultimately, Allbirds says that the shoes sold out in a little over three hours. 

11 'bad habits' that are actually healthy, according to science

Many of your supposedly "bad habits" may actually be perfectly good for you, according to scientific research.  Whether you like naps, can't commit to a 2-hour daily workout, or occasionally indulge in fatty foods, there are studies to support you. Read on to find out if your shameful practice is really a science-backed tactic.

Obama warns: if America stays so divided, our democracy and economy won’t survive

Former President Barack Obama remains hopeful that America can solve its political divisiveness. But he also has a stark warning for the US: Our economy and our democracy are at risk if we can't get past the finger-pointing, partisan morass that has gridlocked the nation for years. Obama also said that technology from mobile phones to social networks is helping tear us apart, rather than bring us together. This is a new, more serious change of tone for the 44th president since he left office at the beginning of 2017, handing the White House keys to the Trump Administration. 


Former President Barack Obama was on stage Wednesday evening at a tech conference in Las Vegas hosted by identity security company Okta where he talked about the future of the country.

The Philippines is planning a $14 billion 'pollution-free' city that will be larger than Manhattan

Manila, the hyper-dense capital of The Philippines, is known for its traffic jams. In a 2016 survey, navigation company Waze ranked Manila as having the "worst traffic on Earth."

The city's reliance on cars also exacerbates its growing air-pollution problem.

As a possible solution to Manila's smog and gridlock, the country plans to build an entirely new, more sustainable city called New Clark.

Plans for the $14 billion development — which will be larger than Manhattan — call for drones, driverless cars, technologies that will reduce buildings' water and energy usage, a giant sports complex, and plenty of green space. 

The evidence is piling up that Amazon will choose Washington, DC, for its HQ2 (AMZN)

There is plenty of compelling evidence that Amazon is looking very closely at the Washington, DC, area for its second headquarters project, called HQ2. Hints the company has dropped — both on purpose and inadvertently — are starting to add up. There are other reasons the company may want to place its headquarters in Washington.

The race for Amazon's second headquarters is heating up, and Washington, DC, just might be in the lead.

Amazon has renewed the acclaimed Syfy show 'The Expanse,' and fans are thrilled

Amazon has renewed the acclaimed science-fiction series "The Expanse" for a fourth season, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Friday. After the Syfy network cancelled "The Expanse" earlier this month, over 130,000 fans of the series signed a petition asking either Netflix or Amazon to renew the show. Fans of the show took to social media on Friday to thank Bezos and Amazon for saving the series.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Friday that his company has renewed the critically acclaimed, science-fiction series "The Expanse," which the Syfy network cancelled earlier this month after three seasons. 

Bezos made the announcement at a panel at the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles on Friday night, according to

VW's iconic microbus is making a comeback in 2022 — and it's getting a big update

Volkswagen is revamping its iconic microbus with the I.D. Buzz. The vehicle will be fully electric and hit dealerships in 2022. It will feature a customizable interior and tech features that will eventually move the car toward autonomous driving.


Once a symbol of American counterculture during the 1960s and '70s, Volkswagen's microbus was discontinued in 2013 due to safety concerns.

The MTA revealed its $37 billion plan to save NYC's crumbling subway system —but there's one big problem

New York City Transit Authority president Andy Byford unveiled a plan to repair and modernize the New York City subway system on Wednesday. The plan, called "Fast Forward," would replace an antiquated signal system, redesign the way passengers pay fares, increase the number of subway cars, and install elevators at stations. According to the New York Daily News, the plan would cost $37 billion. It would require stations to close on nights and weekends for up to 2.5 years, though it would not close lines during weekdays while improvements are made.

Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on political ads with new requirements and labels (TWTR, FB)

Political and issue-based advertisers must now go through a verification process before they can buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter are adding disclaimers to political ads that require them to disclose the company that paid for the ad.

After it was discovered that Russian operatives and firms like Cambridge Analytica gamed platforms to run political ads, both Facebook and Twitter have been under pressure to clean up their policies for political advertisers.