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The most anticipated game of the year will be missing a major online component when it comes out in October

"Red Dead Redemption 2" will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26 — but players will have to wait November to play "Red Dead Online," the online multiplayer component "Red Dead Online" will enter public beta in November, and developer Rockstar expects it to have some growing pains early on. Players will be able to explore the world of "Red Dead Online" alone or with friends. It's expected to offer a mix of storytelling, competitive, and cooperative gameplay. Rockstar plans to support "Red Dead Online" with constant updates and adjustments. Healthy ongoing support for "Grand Theft Auto Online" has helped Rockstar sell more than 100 million copies of "Grand Theft Auto V" since 2013.

India's richest man's plan to revolutionize its telecom industry with cheap data seems to be working (RIL)

Reliance Industries' Reliance Jio added 11.79 million subscribers in July, 10 times more than all of its rivals combined. Its subscriber base will reach 300 million by the end of March 2019 — if the trend continues, analysts say. Watch Reliance Industries trade in real time here.

Exactly two years ago, India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, planned to revolutionize India's telecom sector with cheap data. His plan seems to be working.

After disrupting India's telecom market with

Google had to change Gmail's new Smart Reply responses because its AI kept suggesting 'I love you' (GOOG, GOOGL)

Gmail's "Smart Reply" feature suggests quick responses at the bottom of emails.   "I love you" was often a suggested reply until Google changed it in testing. Another common early suggestion was "Sent from my iPhone." The current version of Smart Reply doesn't often suggest these responses. 

A few days ago, I received a short, effective email in my inbox: "Sounds good!" 

I had to pause. Although that was the response I wanted — I was arranging a meeting — I wondered: Did he really send that, or did he simply hit Google's automated response suggestions at the bottom?

In recent weeks, Gmail's "Smart Reply" feature has been released to an ever-rising amount of the web email service's over 1.4 billion users, meaning that soon a large percentage of the world's population will get access to Google's cheery, direct suggestions when it becomes a default feature next month. 

Jack Ma said Trump's trade war with China will wreck Alibaba's plans to help create 1 million US jobs (BABA)

Alibaba chairman Jack Ma said that the US-China trade war will wreck the company's pledge to help create 1 million US jobs. The comment, made in an interview with Chinese media outlet Xinhua, comes two days after Trump announced a fresh set of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. Ma also said that trade should be used as a tool for peace rather than a weapon.

Jack Ma, the recently departed chairman of Chinese retail giant Alibaba, said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's trade war with China will scuttle the company's pledge to bring 1 million jobs to the US.

In an interview with

The Lyft app will now tell you the fastest way to get anywhere — even if it means taking public transit instead of a Lyft ride

Lyft and a company called Trafi are partnering to add additional transportation methods like public transit to Lyft's in-app routing system.  Riders will be able to choose different combinations of transit — like taking a subway or bus before or after hopping in a Lyft vehicle.  The move is meant to give Lyft users more flexible and affordable routes to their destinations.  Riders in Santa Monica will receive the update first, but Lyft plans to roll the feature out to more cities in the future.

Sometimes that Lyft pricing can be just too much during peak hours, and the longer (but cheaper) subway or bus ride starts to look like a better option.

Lyft's newly-announced partnership with

Lebron James is making a sequel to 'Space Jam' and the director of 'Black Panther' is involved

Lebron James is making a sequel to "Space Jam" with Ryan Coogler, the director of Marvel's "Black Panther," according to The Hollywood Reporter.  James will star in the film, while Coogler will produce it. Bugs Bunny will also star.

"Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler is set to produce a sequel to "Space Jam" starring Lebron James, The Hollywood Reporter first reported Wednesday. James' production company seemed to confirm the report shortly after.

James will act in the sequel to the 1996 film that starred Michael Jordan alongside Bugs Bunny in a live-action animated comedy. Bugs Bunny is slated to return for the second installment. 

Terence Nance, the creator of the HBO sketch comedy series "Random Acts of Flyness," will direct the film.  

Amazon reportedly wants to open up to 3,000 cashierless stores to become one of the largest convenience chains in America (AMZN)

Amazon is considering opening as many as 3,000 Amazon Go stores across the US by 2021, according to Bloomberg. Amazon Go is Amazon's cashierless store featuring what it calls "just walk out" technology and payment through its app. That number of stores would make Amazon Go one of the largest retail chains in the country and the third-largest chain of convenience stores by number of stores, according to an industry publication.

Amazon Go could be going national.

Amazon is considering opening as many as 3,000 locations of its cashierless store across the US by 2021,

'An apocalyptical onslaught to their models and profit margins': Why media agencies are on their death bed

The future of media agencies is as grim as ever, according to a new report by market research firm Forrester released this week. Continuing transparency issues, clients taking media-buying in-house and programmatic advertising leading to the commoditization of services threaten the very raison d'être of media agencies. Media agencies must evolve to become media consultancies to survive, bringing more value, accountability and overall marketing strategy to the table, says the report.

It's been two years since the Association of National Advertisers issued a bombshell report that painted the media buying world as being rife with opaque financial practices and widespread illegal rebates.

Inside Verizon's newly renovated New Jersey campus, which features an indoor taco truck, an exclusive hotel, and a mile-long track

Verizon has a large, seven-building campus in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The space can accommodate a total of 6,000 employees. Business Insider swung by One Verizon Way and took a tour of its facilities.

Verizon's corporate headquarters may be based in New York City, but the telecom giant has another big presence about 30 miles to the west.

Verizon's recently-renovated operational headquarters are located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The office complex, known as One Verizon Way, can accommodate 6,000 employees.

Verizon moved into the space in 2005. The most recent round of renovations began in 2016 and wrapped up in 2017.

Business Insider visited the space and took a tour with Verizon's Executive Director of Global Real Estate Joe Rossi.

Amazon could soon be the third-place online advertiser behind Facebook and Google — but only if it can avoid trouble with regulators and shoppers (GOOG, GOOGL)

Amazon is expected to become the third largest digital advertiser, behind Facebook and Google, according to eMarketer researchers. But as the company's market share of the ad and retail business continues to expand, the company may run into the same kind of scrutiny that has dogged other large ad platforms, such as Google's.  Some observers already see behavior that makes it difficult for smaller third-party manufacturers that sell through Amazon to compete. The retailer's ad business is growing at a time when regulators in the US and Europe are taking a hard look at the business practices of big retailers and tech giants.

Researchers with