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10 things in tech you need to know today (TWTR, FB, TSLA, YHOO, ZNGA, FIT)

Good morning! Here's the technology news you need to know this Thursday.

1. Twitter reported earnings last night and user growth has stalled. Monthly active users stayed at 320 million.

2. Venture capitalist and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen caused outrage over his comments about colonialism in India. He was debating India's crackdown on Facebook's Free Basics internet service.

3. Tesla reported fourth-quarter earnings with revenues below expectations. However, the stock was up 10% in after-hours trading due to the company's strong projections.


How old 17 self-made billionaires were when they made their first million

Mark Zuckerberg had $1 million in the bank at the ripe age of 22, while Larry Ellison didn't reach millionaire status until age 42. Today, they're both billionaires.

Some successful entrepreneurs strike it rich early on. For others, it takes decades.

Using an infographic from UK-based web platform Fleximize, we've broken out the age at which Zuckerberg, Ellison, Cuban, and other self-made billionaires made their first million.

Mark Zuckerberg: 22

The Facebook cofounder and CEO became a millionaire in 2006 at age 22.

It didn't take long for him to make the leap from self-made millionaire to billionaire. At the age of 23, Facebook's IPO made Zuckerberg the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

Today's estimated net worth:

Twitter is betting on these 5 things in 2016 (TWTR)
Posted February 10, 2016 2:42 PM
Twitter is betting on these 5 things in 2016 (TWTR)

Twitter just released its fourth quarter earnings and it's not looking good.

Its shares were down as much as 13% after reporting no user growth, despite an earnings beat. It now rebounded and is down about 2% in after hours.

But Twitter has a plan to improve its service, and it shared some of it in a letter to shareholders posted on its website.

In it, the company laid out the following 5 priorities it will focus on this year to drive further growth:

Refinement of core service: Fix some of hte broken parts, like the fact that you have to type a period before somebody's user handle if you want anybody else on Twitter to see it, and improve the timeline to show the most relevant tweets to its users. It also wants to make it easier for new users too.

There is now a 600-horsepower BMW luxury limo
Posted February 10, 2016 1:42 PM
There is now a 600-horsepower BMW luxury limo

The new BMW 7-Series debuted last year to rave reviews.

In fact, it was very nearly Business Insider's 2015 car of the year. 

The media and the public praised the 7-Series for its stunning combination of performance, luxury and more tech than we've ever seen in a BMW. 

But with the Alpina B7 xDrive, BMW has turned up the volume to 11. 

We were duly impressed with the current ranging topping 750i xDrive M-Sport's 445 horsepower and claimed 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds. 

But BMW and German-tuning firm Alpina wanted more. 

Instead of 445 ponies, the Bimmer's 4.4 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 has been retuned and upgraded to pump out an incredible 600 hp. 

The result is an all-wheel-drive BMW luxury limo with a manufacturer-claimed 0-60 time of just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 193 mph. 

HBO's streaming plan whiffs with only 800,000 paying subscribers

HBO Now, the company's cable-free streaming service, has only 800,000 paying subscribers.

On Time Warner's fourth-quarter earnings call, HBO CEO Richard Plepler confirmed the number, which was short of analyst predictions of 1 million to 2 million.

HBO Now launched last April, and it lets you pay $15 a month to get HBO a la carte, no cable subscription required.

Netflix had about 75 million subscribers as of January, and Hulu reported 9 million subscribers last April.

On the call, Time Warner tried to put the HBO Now subscriber growth in context, stressing that some content that is particularly suited for digital platforms, like Vice's daily news show and Jon Stewart's coming project, has not yet debuted.

After an analyst referred to HBO Now as having "only" 800,000 subscribers during a question, Plepler objected to that characterization. HBO Now, he said, is just getting started.

GM is trying to eat Silicon Valley's lunch (GM)
Posted February 10, 2016 1:42 PM
GM is trying to eat Silicon Valley's lunch (GM)

For a car company that is more than 100 years old, General Motors is proving to be very much up to speed with current trends in automotive tech.

It recently made a $500 million investment in Uber's closest competitor, Lyft. It scooped up another ride-hailing competitor in Sidecar, and it launched its own ride-sharing platform called Maven.

Now GM is in the business of listing some of its own certified used cars online.

The automotive giant on Tuesday announced the

Mercedes just won January
Posted February 10, 2016 1:42 PM
Mercedes just won January

Mercedes-Benz sold more than 150,000 luxury cars worldwide in January.

This represents a 20% jump in sales over the same month in 2015.

"We continued the positive development of record year 2015 in January, and started the new year successfully," Mercedes-Benz Cars marketing and sales boss Ola Källenius said in a statement.

In the process, the three-pointed star overtook previous luxury sales king BMW which reported sales of 134,000 cars over the same period — an increase of 7.5%. 

In fact, BMW was also overtaken by Audi which delivered more than 143,000 cars last month — an increase of 4%.

"We started the new year at a good pace and delivered more cars than ever before in a January," Audi sales chief Dietmar Voggenreiter said in a statement.

"We have gained new customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. That shows how balanced our growth strategy is."

Here's the tricky interview question Larry Ellison asked to hire extremely smart employees

In his new book, "Superbosses," Dartmouth business professor Sydney Finkelstein describes a type of leader who thrives on making other people successful.

These superbosses make a point of only hiring exceptionally talented employees, and one of the most important qualities they look for is extreme intelligence.

Finkelstein cites Oracle cofounder and former CEO Larry Ellison as an example of a superboss, and uses an anecdote from the book "

Faraday Future's plan to build a car factory in Nevada may have hit a $1 billion roadblock

Electric-car company Faraday Future and the state of Nevada appear to be hitting some gridlock.

The two entities announced an agreement late last year to build Faraday Future's first manufacturing plant in Las Vegas. Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting from the tech company, Leshi, is among the backers expected to invest $1 billion in the project.

But now, Nevada's state treasurer says he's worried about Leshi's financial health, and the fate of that seven-figure investment.

According to the Las Vegas radio station, KNPR, treasurer Dan Schwartz planned to meet with Faraday Future's Chinese investors last week, because of a couple concerns:

Shares of Leshi stopped trading in China

In early December, shares of Leshi

This company wants to use genetics to explain why couples can’t get pregnant

The average person spends at least a quarter of their life trying their very best not to get pregnant. And at the same time, one in 10 women in the US struggles with infertility.

We know a lot of ways to keep pregnancy from happening, but how much do we know about the process of getting pregnant?

That's what Celmatix, a New York-based startup that wants to apply precision medicine to fertility and women's health, wants to learn more about. And, with the help of a collaboration with personal genetics company 23andMe, the company is well on its way to launching its own genetics test to help inform patients struggling with infertility about what might be going wrong.

The collaboration, announced Wednesday, will work like this: As with 23andMe's collaborations with