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Arnold Schwarzenegger blames Bill Clinton for one of his biggest box office bombs

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1993 movie "Last Action Hero" was a major disappointment at the box office. The movie had negative press and horrible test scores. But Schwarzenegger believes the election of Bill Clinton that same year also led to the movie's demise.


It was 1993 when Arnold Schwarzenegger came out with one of his most unique tough guy movies, “Last Action Hero.”

A mix of action and comedy that follows a boy with a magic ticket, who suddenly is transported through the big screen and into the latest movie of his favorite actor, Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger), it’s filled with huge fight scenes, gun fights, explosions, and fun jabs at Schwarzenegger and the action movie genre.

But nobody went to see the movie.

With a

Pickup trucks are a lot of fun — but the Ford Raptor takes things to a new level (F)

Besides teaming up with Domino's to deliver pizza by driverless cars, Ford has a Performance division that does exactly what you'd expect from a performance decision: create go-fast vehicles, ranging from the Fiesta ST at about $21,000 to the ultra-exclusive $400,000-plus GT supercar.

In the mix, remarkably, is a pickup truck: the Raptor.

Makes sense. Ford Performance also sells stonkingly outfitted Mustangs, so why take a pass on kitting out what is the company's bestselling vehicle, the F-150 pickup? There are customers who want a truck that can go fast.

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Smart lock company August gets acquired
Posted October 20, 2017 0:52 AM
Smart lock company August gets acquired

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Tencent's strategy to attract Western brands to its platform

This is a portion of an article based on an interview with Tencent's Steven Chang. To read the full article, sign up for access to BI Intelligence.

Chinese tech giant Tencent is staking its claim as the main gateway into China for Western brands. The company recently 

GE is getting smoked after missing big on earnings (GE)

Shares of General Electric are down 6.91% to $21.96 after the company reported disappointing earnings and slashed forecasts. GE reported an adjusted profit of $0.29 per share, much lower than the $0.49 per share expected by Wall Street. The company also cut its profit forecasts for the year to $1.05-$1.10 from $1.60-$1.70, a 34% drop. GE said a lot of its costs are coming from new CEO John Flannery's restructuring plan. 

This Microsoft-powered $200 speaker is great for Spotify and Skype — but you're probably better off with Amazon or Google (MSFT, GOOG, GOOGL)

The Harman Kardon Invoke is a $199 smart speaker powered by the Microsoft Cortana voice assistant. It brings Microsoft into contention with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Invoke hardware is great — the speaker is loud and clear, making it great for music. It comes with built-in support for Skype calls (even to telephones) and Spotify.  Cortana is smart and useful, and integrates with Microsoft apps and calendars. However, compared with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Invoke doesn't integrate with as many smart home appliances, outside apps, or streaming TV devices, making it difficult to recommend.  

We live in an age of miracles — it's so commonplace now to use your voice to get information out of a computer, it's almost boring. And yet, not all tech miracles are created equal.

Scientists have discovered a new link between sugar and tumor growth

There's more bad news for sugar lovers.

After nine years of research, molecular biologists in Belgium have discovered that sugars stimulate tumor growth.

Their results, published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, help explain a puzzle oncologists have encountered for decades — and may offer some new, diet-based cancer-fighting solutions.

Google's parent company is creating an entire high-tech neighborhood in Toronto — here's what it could look like

On Tuesday, Sidewalk Labs — the urban innovation unit of Google parent company Alphabet — announced that it will design a high-tech neighborhood on Toronto's waterfront.

Exact design plans are still unclear, but the company has released preliminary renderings of what it imagines the 12-acre district, called Quayside, could look like.

The city of Toronto and Sidewalk Labs call the larger project "Sidewalk Toronto."

Technology will be a big part of the masterplan, Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Amazon's TV and movie boss has resigned after being accused of sexual harassment

Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, resigned from his position on Tuesday, according to CNN's Brian Stelter. His resignation comes after a producer working for Amazon alleged he sexually harassed her.

According to CNN, Albert Cheng, who took over Price's position after he was suspended last week, will continue as the interim head of Amazon Studios.

Isa Hackett, a producer on Amazon's "The Man in the High Castle" — and the daughter of author Philip K. Dick, whose work the show is based on — told The Hollywood Reporter that Price sexually harassed her in 2015.

"You will love my d---," Price said, according to Hackett.