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Here's what happens inside Amazon when its massive AWS hosting service goes down (AMZN)

In late February 2017, a number of large websites across the internet abruptly went down.

Community-question-site Quora crashed, as did product management tool Trello, and Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant Alexa also struggled.

The outage lasted several hours — and Amazon was to blame. This is because all the affected sites made use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud web hosting service from the Seattle-based technology giant that now underpins vast swathes of the modern web and hit $12 billion (£9.3 billion) in revenue last year.

The British company that made £11,000 jewel-encrusted smartphones is shutting down

Vertu, the British smartphone manufacturer that produced luxury smartphones, is closing after a failed attempt by its owner to save it from liquidation.

The Financial Times reports that Vertu Corporation Limited will close, causing the loss of up to 200 staff members.

Vertu produced its luxury smartphones from a manufacturing facility in Hampshire. Its smartphones featured details like embedded rubies and sapphires, 18 carat gold, and alligator leather.

Prices for the company's Signature phones ranged from £11,100 for the stainless steel black leather model up to £39,100 for the Clous De Paris Red Gold model.

The company's smartphones included a 24-hour concierge service that could be accessed via a dedicated button on its phones.

This $399 'Keurig for food' could replace every cooking appliance you own

A futuristic new kitchen appliance that is being called the "Keurig for food" could forever change home cooking.

Called Tovala, the countertop machine is a broiler, steamer, oven, and toaster in one.

It's meant to replace all major cooking appliances and eliminate most of the work involved in making healthy meals.

The Tovala will be available to purchase starting Tuesday for $399 on the company's website.

The public launch this week follows a Kickstarter campaign in which 700 prototypes of the oven were sold. 

"Our goal is to sit on every countertop in America and bring fresh food to everyone," Tovala founder David Rabie told Business Insider last year.

Here's how the machine works.

The Tovala cooks pods of ingredients, including fish, chicken, pasta, vegetables, popcorn, and oatmeal, and it even poaches eggs. Users can create their own recipes, or they can ...

Ethereum is making a big comeback
Posted July 11, 2017 0:47 AM
Ethereum is making a big comeback

Ethereum is making a big comeback. The cryptocurrency tumbled more than 15% to a low of $175.38 an ether in early action on Monday. It has since erased nearly all of those losses and is down 3.65% at $202. 

Tuesday's slide below the $200 level was the first time the cryptocurrency was below that since the end of May/early June. Ethereum tumbled about 10% on Monday

The cryptocurrency had gained close to 4,800% from the beginning of the year through June 14 thanks to a rise in popularity of so-called "

Netflix just announced when 'Stranger Things' season 2 will come out — and shared a creepy new poster and teaser

It's been about a year since "Stranger Things" made its debut on Netflix and shocked, entertained, and stressed out everyone with some Eggo-waffle filled cliffhangers in its finale.

When we learned a few months ago that the show wouldn't return to Netflix until October 2017, we got even more stressed out knowing we'd have to wait longer than anticipated. Plus, we miss all those kids so much. 

On Tuesday, Netflix finally revealed the release date for the much-awaited season two: October 27. Netflix also released a poster and a small teaser that tells us that in 1984, "things only get stranger."

Netflix says that in season two, while Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down, another entity is still at large. 

Here's the poster:


And you can watch the teaser below:

Some doors can't be closed.

This new laptop from Asus is almost as thin as Apple's MacBook Pro, and it's cheaper and far more powerful

Asus has released a gaming laptop that's nearly as thin as Apple's latest MacBook Pro, but is cheaper and much, much more powerful.

It's called the ROG Zephyrus, and it's a beautifully-designed machine with a clever trick to keep itself from overheating when you're playing graphics-intensive video games.

Now, I'm not exactly comparing the $2,700 Zephyrus to the $2,800 MacBook Pro, as the two laptops are designed with different users in mind. And the MacBook Pro has features that the Zephyrus doesn't, which could help account for the MacBook Pro's higher price tag despite its comparatively lesser power.

Still, the Zephyrus is a force to be reckoned with: It combines a sleek, slim design with powerful performance and the quiet operation that's coveted among the gaming community.

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11 futuristic vehicles that could fundamentally transform how we travel

Transportation is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in history. 

From self-driving cars to the Hyperloop, companies are investing in new ways for humans to get from point A to point B more efficiently. 

Here's a look at some of the vehicles and transport systems that are being developed that could dramatically change how we travel on Earth and, possibly, even to other planets. 

Electric cars are already here and are helping make the world greener.

Electric cars are going mainstream. Numerous major automakers plan to roll out a fully electric, long-range car by the end of the decade.

Tesla, of course, already offers the Model S and Model X. And on

My favorite Gmail hack spares me hours of temptation — and probably saves me hundreds of dollars

Last year, I wrote about how one of the most expensive aspects of city life is the constant temptation: There's no end of opportunities to buy, buy, buy.

You could easily say the same for the internet. And, by extension, your inbox.

I don't consider myself a big online shopper, but over the course of the past few years, dozens of websites have snagged my email address for discounts, updates, coupons, and the like.

I know I'm not alone in this, frantically archiving emails from retailers instead of unsubscribing, for fear I'll miss the perfectly timed deal.

So I came up with a solution: email filters.

These construction photos reveal the fascinating inner-workings of a movie theater screen

Have you ever stared at a movie theater screen and wondered, What the heck is going on behind that thing?

If so, a few Reddit users have answered your inquiry with two pictures that reveal the inner workings of that crucial centerpiece of the movie theater experience: the screen.

Redditor acamu5x first posted the following image on the site:

Here's what the space behind a movie theater screen looks like

The surprising detail, for those who are unfamiliar with what goes on behind the screen, is that there are speakers in the screen itself, projecting the deafening sounds of (more than likely) the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right at your face. 

In the spirit of one-upmanship, Redditor 

This crazy-looking new video game is basically 'Westworld'

In the luxury theme park that is "Westworld," real humans interact with very human-like robots in what is essentially a massive game world. The world actually exists, of course, but many of its humanoid robots are mere playthings for the human guests. 

It's only "real" in the sense that you're physically present — "Westworld" is otherwise a big video game, including quests and non-player characters and a sprawling open-world environment.

While we're not quite there just yet in terms of modern technology, games like the upcoming "Wild West Online" offer a taste of what such a world might offer. You create your very own cowboy or cowgirl, and venture into the (virtual) Wild West alongside other human players. 

In the game's massive open environment you'll find towns full of people living on the frontier, bandits up to no good, stores to buy clothing and weapons in, and — naturally — plenty of whiskey to drink.