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Mobile ad specialist AdColony cut nearly 100 jobs as part of a shift in strategy

The mobile ad company AdColony cut close to 100 jobs last week, according to people familiar with the matter.

The company, which has placed software in thousands of mobile apps, cut back on its work force as it is moves to focus on more automated, or "programmatic" ad sales options. AdColony is also shifting away from selling generic mobile banner ads to more rewards based ad offerings–such as people watching an advertiser's video ad to receive access to content, points or offers, said people close to the company.

AdColony was acquired by Opera Mediaworks in 2014. At the start of this year, Mediaworks assumed the AdColony name. AdColony is a subsidiary of Opera Software ASA, a Norwegian digital media company.

Opera cited AdColony's disappointing revenue numbers as dragging down its overall performance

An engineer at the government's tech 'startup' quits 6 months into the Trump admin: 'The people with the matches are inside the house'

Before the results of the presidential election were even finalized, Noah Kunin wrote a short blog post explaining why he would be staying at 18F, the United States Government's internal tech "startup."

"My oath to this country was not to a particular office, or person, and certainly not to a political party. It was to the Constitution and to the people (emphasis added)," wrote Kunin in the widely-read post. 

Now, just about eight months later, Kunin has

Mark Cuban's pricey new hoverboard wants to turn the 2-wheelers into grown-up transportation

Radical Transport had just gotten its first hoverboard prototype working in February 2016 when the nascent market faced a potentially game-ending crisis: some of the first hoverboards, made by other companies, had begun catching fire.

Nick Fragnito and Evan Williams, the founders of Radical Transport, weren't overly concerned though. They knew their board, the Radical MOOV, would be going after a different market. And they had Mark Cuban's wallet and strategy team behind them. 

Cuban told Business Insider that he viewed the exploding hoverboards as an opportunity. The team he was backing was "confident they would be able to build a board that was better and far far safer," he said in an emailed message.

Cuban said his role in the endeavor is limited to "writing checks" and providing strategic advice, while Fragnito and Williams focus on the engineering and marketing. 

Not a toy

A male engineer explains why so many men in Silicon Valley behave so badly toward women

From what we've seen, the vast majority of the men in the tech industry are respectful people, and many are outraged over the sexual harassment and discrimination their female colleagues endure.

Even so, few of the ones we've talked to have been surprised at how women in the industry have been treated.

The best explanation we've heard in recent weeks about why Silicon Valley seems to breed so many men who behave so badly came from an engineer who cut his teeth at Facebook. His take is that the big money Silicon Valley often throws at young engineers who are right out of college stimulates this "frat house" mentality.

"It's like, here you go, you're 21 years old, here's a $100,000 signing bonus," said the engineer. "Then they think they are hot sh-t. They think, 'Now people are going to respect me. Now women, who may have ignored me, they are going to respect me."

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO is one of the best all-around road bikes we've ridden

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO has earned a reputation as one of the best engineered and balanced race bikes on the market. It is has been praised for its ability to fly up hills, rail descents, and dragrace to the line — and do it all beautifully.

Now it comes with hydraulic disc brakes, so it stops better and is even more versatile, opening up the option to run much wider tires for greater comfort and even have a go off-road adventuring.

Through its iterations, Cannondale's flagship road racer has kept its classic good looks with its mainstay design feature, its horizontal top tube. The EVO has been ridden in the

Cisco has scored a victory over a major rival: Arista's products are banned from entering the US (CSCO, ANET)

Cisco has scored a blow in its ongoing legal battles with Arista.

Arista revealed on Wednesday that the US International Trade Commission has banned the networking company from bringing its flagship products into the US from its overseas manufacturers.

The ban follows the ITC's ruling in May that Arista had infringed on two of Cisco's patents. The ITC announced the ban then, but said it would take effect only after a 60-day review period. That period ended Wednesday.

Arista has been working to get the US Patent Office to overturn Cisco's patents, with some success. It is hoping to convince the ITU to suspend its ban until the Patent Office issues a final ruling, which it hopes will kill the patents. 

Revenge porn is illegal in California — here's what could happen to Rob Kardashian for tweeting explicit photos of his ex

Revenge porn is illegal in California, which means Rob Kardashian could face jail time and fines for posting illicit pictures of his ex Blac Chyna on Twitter early Wednesday.

The reality TV star prompted widespread outrage on Wednesday after he tweeted several sexually explicit pictures of Chyna, the model with whom he has a 7-month old child

Digital harassment laws are relatively new. Today, 38 states plus Washington D.C. have something on the books to charge people who use social media to spread sexually explicit photos or videos without the consent of the person featured. 

Microsoft employees are bracing for layoffs to be announced Thursday

Word among employees at Microsoft is that the layoffs that have been rumored lately will begin on Thursday.

Conference rooms are booked and some employees are being scheduled for short 15-minute meetings with their managers, according to several postings on the anonymous chat app Blind that were shared with Business Insider.

Business Insider does not have access to Blind. Only verified employees at a company can access Blind. The app is popular at Microsoft; some 25,000 of the software giant's employees use it, according to Blind.

Microsoft has not confirmed the layoff but the company did send an email to employees on Monday saying it plans to make wide-ranging changes to its sales organization, GeekWire reported

Uber driver accuses Oklahoma state senator of grabbing and kissing her inside car

A Republican state senator from Oklahoma has been accused of grabbing and kissing an Uber driver, according to a BuzzFeed News report Wednesday.

The driver alleged that she picked up Bryce Marlatt around 10 p.m. on June 26 to drop him off at a hotel in Oklahoma City. The driver then claimed that Marlatt had grabbed her forcefully and started kissing her neck while she was driving.

"She was giving this person a ride," said Oklahoma City Police Department Master Sergeant Gary Knight, according to 

Trump's disdain for CNN reportedly seen as 'wild card' amid pending $85 billion Time Warner-AT&T merger

President Donald Trump's disdain for CNN could have consequences that reach far beyond negative internet memes and social-media rants from the Oval Office.

Trump's enduring animus toward the news network is reportedly seen as a "wild card" within the White House amid a pending $85 billion merger between CNN's parent company, Time Warner, and AT&T, The New York Times reported Wednesday night, citing an unnamed senior administration official.

The US Justice Department is deliberating over the merger. It is the only federal agency reviewing the deal,