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Rolls-Royce unleashed a menacing new convertible for younger buyers

Over the past decade, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has made a concerted to reach a younger and more trendy group of buyers. 

These efforts include the introduction of the entry-level Ghost sedan in 2010 followed by the Wraith coupe in 2013 and the Dawn convertible in 2015. 

And the company's efforts seem to be working quite well. 

In fact, since 2010, the average age of Rolls-Royce customers has fallen from 56 years of age down to just 45, Bloomberg reported.

Now Rolls is pushing even further into its "youth" revolution with a menacingly stylish line-up of bespoke Black Badge models.

Facebook's leaked rules on censoring hate speech protect 'white men' but not 'black children' (FB)

A bombshell investigation by ProPublica published Wednesday sheds light on how Facebook trains its thousands of content moderators to police hate speech, including a leaked training slide that suggests they "protect" "white men" but not "black children."

The report, which includes internal training documents used by Facebook moderators, details how the social network's policies on hate speech "tend to favor elites and governments over grassroots activists and racial minorities."

Here are the highlights:

Facebook trains its thousands of content moderators to delete hate speech directed at so-called protected categories of people, including race, sex, gender, and religious affiliation. Hate speech against "subsets" of protected categories, such as "radicalized Muslims," is considered less subject to censorship. To ill...

CNN issues pithy one-word response to undercover video sting attempting to embarrass Van Jones

CNN had a very terse response Wednesday to a conservative provocateur's release of a clip showing CNN contributor Van Jones calling the investigation into potential collusion between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia a "nothing-burger."

"Lol," a spokesman said in response to an emailed question asking about the video.

The dismissive reply came after observers pointed to Jones' frequent public comments saying he believes the Russia investigation will likely not yield any evidence of collusion.

"I am glad there is a Russia investigation and I hope they get to the bottom of it," Jones said in a Twitter chat earlier this month.

Here’s how iPhone usage breaks down in the US (AAPL)

Thursday marks the tenth anniversary of the first day Apple’s flagship phone went on sale.

The story of the iPhone’s importance to both Apple and society is well-worn at this point. But for as significant as the device was, nostalgia doesn’t carry over in consumer tech the way it does with movies or video games.

Case in point: At last check, the number of iPhone owners in the US using a mode released before 2014 is in the single digits, according to a recent

'Pokémon Go' is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

Last week, "Pokémon Go" got a huge new update, bringing sweeping and long-awaited changes to the game's multiplayer battles.

These changes are just in time: As "Pokémon Go" approaches its one-year anniversary, the early mega-hype over the game has all but faded. Make no mistake, there are still 65 million active players, including myself, but the game has gone stale for many — even the very first "Pokémon Go" master has quit the game for lack of new worlds to conquer.

Blue Apron priced its IPO at $10 a share — after slashing the amount it wanted to raise

Blue Apron has priced its initial public offering well below original expectations amid worries that a merger between Amazon and Whole Foods could threaten the startup's future growth. 

The New York-based meal prep delivery startup has priced its IPO at $10 per share, CNBC reported. At that price, the company could raise about $300 million, and be valued at about $1.9 billion. It will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday under the ticker APRN.

Earlier Wednesday the company announced it had slashed its expected range for the price of its IPO from $15 to $17 per share to $10 to $11 per share. 

Elon Musk has officially started digging a tunnel under Los Angeles (TSLA)

Elon Musk's latest company is officially up and running.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said on Twitter Wednesday evening that his tunnel boring machine, dubbed Godot, has officially begun digging under Los Angeles.

Musk officially launched his tunnel company, aptly named The Boring Company, in April.

"No longer waiting for Godot. It has begun boring and just completed the first segment of tunnel in LA," Musk said.

Musk said in a

This $2.9 billion company's stock skyrocketed after signing a key deal with Google (NTNX, GOOGL)

Nutanix's stock got a big boost Wednesday after the upstart cloud software provider announced a new partnership with Google. 

The company will work with Google to give joint customers a unified public cloud service that combines the Nutanix environment with the Google Cloud Platform, Nutanix announced.

Investors cheered the news. Nutanix's stock jumped up 9.23% during regular trading, closing at $20.36. It went up another 1.18% to $20.60 in after-hours exchanges. 

Here's why Elon Musk is waxing philosophical about floors (TSLA)

Elon Musk, hours after his new company started drilling a tunnel under Los Angeles, began to wax philosophical about floors.

"I love floors. They will never let you down," the Tesla and SpaceX CEO quipped in consecutive postings Wednesday evening. The tweets followed news that Musk's new venture, The Boring Company, officially began drilling a tunnel under Los Angeles.

Musk launched his tunnel company in April. His ultimate goal is to relieve congestion by building as many as 30 layers of tunnels beneath Interstate 105 in LA. Musk has said that the tunnels will transport cars on an electric skate and could even accommodate a Hyperloop, Business Insider's Danielle Muoio previously reported.

App-only bank N26 doesn't care about 'short-term profits' — it wants to build a European bank that will make rivals 'redundant'

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — App-only startup bank N26 is one of Europe's hottest startups — and it's moving very fast.

The Berlin-headquartered bank announced on Monday that it has partnered with fellow startup Clark to offer insurance through its app.

It's one of a number of new products that N26 has launched this year, either built in-house or conceived through partnerships. Other launches include an overdraft you can apply for through your smartphone and a partnership with German investment platform Raisin.

"Right now it's about making traditional banks redundant, in that we offer a product for every financial need of our customers," cofounder and CFO Maximilian Tayenthal told Business Insider at the Money2020 conference in Copenhagen this week.