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Here are all the games coming to Nintendo's new console, and when they arrive

The Nintendo Switch is a surprise hit.

Between the incredible launch game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and the device itself being a sleek, modern gadget, the Switch has been a sales monster.

There's only one real problem at the moment: What do you do with the Switch after finishing the new "Legend of Zelda" game?

It's a massive game, no doubt, that you could easily sink 100 or more hours into — and there are a smattering of other good games available right now. But after that? It's slim pickings. 

Instagram's Snapchat clone now has more users than Snapchat (FB, SNAP)

Instagram's ruthless copying of Snapchat is working.

The Facebook-owned app announced on Thursday that over 200 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, up from 150 million in January. That means more people are using Instagram Stories than Snapchat, which last reported 158 million daily users in February.

Facebook has continued to aggressively copy Snapchat's core features since adding Stories to Instagram last August. Messenger, WhatsApp, and the main Facebook app have all since added Stories, the format Snapchat pioneered that shows photos and videos shared in chronological order that disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook has said that adding Stories to its suite of apps

A $40 million mini megacity with landmarks from 50 countries is on display in Times Square

A giant miniature world is now in New York's City's Times Square.

A group of artists have created a new 49,000-square-foot exhibit of 300 miniature scenes of landmarks and towns from 50 countries around the world.

Called Gulliver's Gate, the exhibit features everything from a tiny replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to one of the Beatles strutting across Abbey Road.

The $40 million exhibit, which opened on April 6, will be on display until Dec 30.

Check it out below.

The Gulliver's Gate exhibit is located in Times Square in New York City. Here's a miniature replica of the billboard-filled plaza itself: Gulliver's Gate features replicas of sites from 50 countries around the world.

Netflix has a potential 'billion dollar' opportunity that it's just starting to explore (NFLX)

Netflix has a potential standalone billion-dollar revenue opportunity selling merchandise based on its popular shows, according to RBC's Mark Mahaney.

A billion dollars!

"We view this as a highly reasonable step by Netflix to further promote and market its original content and other offerings," analysts led by Mahaney wrote in a note to clients.

Netflix would be following the example of Disney and Time Warner, which have found many ways to spin a hit show or movie into merchandise gold.

Right now, Netflix's plans are in their infancy, and Mahaney described that billion-dollar potential as a long way down the road. But Netflix has already conducted one test with "Stranger Things" merch at Hot Topic, and it seems to be looking to expand in the area.

"We see this as a development that signifies the coming of scale of an increasingly ubiquitous global entertainment company," RBC wrote.

VR app downloads skyrocket in 2016
Posted April 13, 2017 0:21 AM
VR app downloads skyrocket in 2016

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RANKED: The 13 most popular Netflix original shows

Netflix famously — or infamously — keeps its viewing numbers under lock and key, which has ironically opened all kinds of doors to quantifying which shows are standing out on the streaming service and which ones are fizzling out.

As Netflix continues to flood viewers with new programming, it's interesting to see which original shows viewers are most interested in and talking about. That's where social-media research firm Fizziology comes in. It specializes in collecting social-media data and advising its entertainment clients on what people want.

Fizziology measured the first week of Twitter activity for Netflix's original programming and revealed the shows that are generating the most buzz here in the US.

NASA will reveal new discoveries about alien ocean worlds on Thursday — here's how to watch live

Earth's bounty of liquid, life-giving water is not unique.

The solar system is teeming with ocean worlds, including ice-covered moons like Saturn's Enceladus and Jupiter's Europa. Beneath their thick, icy shells are vast volumes of water that may be habitable to extraterrestrial life.

To that end, NASA is holding a press conference Thursday to present "new results about ocean worlds in our solar system," and discuss how that information will impact "the broader search for life beyond Earth."

NASA's new discoveries stem from the Hubble space telescope and the Cassini probe, which is scheduled to

Analysts are speculating about Apple buying Disney: ‘A tech/media juggernaut like no other’ (AAPL, DIS)

Could Apple buy Disney?

It would be a huge deal, worth hundreds of billions of dollars — and that's what analysts are speculating about on Thursday.

Research from RBC Capital Markets says such a merger would produce a "tech/media juggernaut like no other" — the combination of the biggest tech company in the world and a near-century-old cultural titan.

"The resultant company would be massive, with enough cash and balance sheet capacity to change the nature of the hardware, service, and content industries," the analysts wrote in a note to investors.

"If there’s a deal out there that would strike fear in the hearts of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, this could be it."

But where is this speculation coming from? And how likely is it, really?

Apple has hundreds of billions of dollars lying around

First up, Apple has the cash for a deal — in theory.

Apple has a massive advantage over Google in China, analysts say (AAPL, GOOG)

Apple has a major advantage over Google in the world's most populated country.

The Cupertino firm is now the biggest Western software seller in China, according to an analyst note from Macquarie sent to investors this morning.

Citing internal analysis and App Annie numbers, Ben Schachter, Ed Alter, and David Gibson said the company earned around $6 billion (£4.77 billion) from Chinese App Store sales in 2016.

They said that could more than double to $16 billion (£13 billion) by 2020 if Apple just maintained its current share of the market. They added, though, that Apple was only likely to get bigger as a rising Chinese middle-class buy more iPhones.

Google doesn't sell apps in China

To be clear, Apple can take the crown of being "the biggest Western software seller" in China because most Google services are banned from the country.

The 5G revolution is coming — here's what you need to know

The march of digital progress is relentless and can seem daunting at times, but it also brings great promise. The pace of progression from basic mobile Internet to LTE via 3G and 4G is impressive;  and it's not long before 5G will be the new norm.

Huawei is one of a number of companies leading this charge. The technology company was recognised with the “Outstanding Contribution for LTE Evolution to 5G” award at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

Staying relevant in a 5G world

Xu Wenwei, Huawei's chief strategy marketing officer, used the opportunity to stress the need to prepare now to stay relevant in a 5G world.

“The next few years will see continuous LTE development and 5G innovations," he said. "So, we need to do the preparation in all aspects, including network deployment and industry collaboration."