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Server Board S2600WT2R unable to set clock speed to 2400 MHz [Resolved]

I have an Intel® Server Board S2600WT2R

I have set the Memory Operating Speed in the bios to 2400, but dmidecode reports that "Configured Clock Speed: 2134 MHz". If I set the clock speed in the bios below 2133, the clock speed changes appropriately. I have been through the BIOS manual and I believe I've set everything up properly.

I know what my RAM (Kingston KVR24R17D4/16) is not on the Approved Memory List.

Thank you for your time.

Asked March 20, 2017
Tags: memory, intel, bios
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1 Answers

The manual you linked states outright that:

The supported memory speeds are 1333 MT/s, 1600 MT/s, 1866 MT/s, and 2133 MT/s. The actual memory speed capability depends on the memory configuration.

Answered March 20, 2017
Wooops. Although my Bios had the option to set the speed to 2400 MT/s, I see that the E5-2600 v3 processors themselves do not support 2400 MT/s. Looks like I need a v4. – kevlarjacket 2 hours ago
 CanDoerz  1 year ago
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