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Is IBM's OS V7R2 the same as AIX? [Resolved]

Im working with a an iSeries Power 7+ server and the operating system is V7R2, is this a version of AIX or a completely different OS?

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Asked October 11, 2017
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It is one of the operating systems supported on IBM Power Systems alongside AIX and Linux as well as on IBM PureSystems alongside AIX, Linux and Windows. source

V7R1,2,3 is a sucessor of OS/400.

A fact on the name;

When IBM announced the new Power Systems line of servers on April 2, 2008, they renamed the operating system from i5/OS to IBM i[3] and changed the version identifier format from VxRxMx (Version, Release, Modification, e.g. V6R1M0) to the more standard format (e.g. 6.1).

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Answered October 11, 2017
The part about IBM having changed this versioning scheme prevented me from outright stating it's OS/400. Most likely it's correct though and this is just a not-yet changed part of the OS. On the other side: AIX is somewhat familiar if you know any Unix type OS (like Linux) - OS/400 is very different from what I understand (unfortunately, I've never used any of this stuff). – Sven yesterday
 CanDoerz  9 months ago
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