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Search replace in XML file with sed or awk [Resolved]

So I have a task where by I have to manipulate an XML file through a bash shell script.

Here are the steps:

  1. Query XML file for a value.
  2. Take the value and cross reference it to find a new value from a list.
  3. Replace the value of a different element with the new value.

Here is a sample of the XML with non-essential info removed:


I have to get the value from the value element under object_name, cross reference it, and then replace the value under the form_category_cd value element with the new value:

So if object_name -> value is Correspondence then the form_category_cd -> value might need to be YYZ.

Here's the rub, I can only use the tools available on our server as our operations group is restricting us to the tools at hand. It was a fight to get xmllint updated and then it got overruled. I'm on a version that does not support --xpath, which believe me is difficult on a good day. Also the version I have available doesn't support namespaces, so xmllint is out.

I've tried sed, but it seems to not like my regex even though every tester I try works fine.



I need to get group #3, but sed won't return it. Instead it returns the entire contents of the XML file.

sed -e 's/\(object_name<\/fmreq\:name>\)\(?:\n\s*\)\(\)\(.*\)\(<\/fmreq\:value>\)/\3/' < c3.xml 

I'm not as familiar with awk / gawk, so I'm struggling to figure them out and this as well, but am open to them if a solution can be found.

Would love to have an awk / gawk solution just to make the boss happy since he's an old awk fan, but I'll take what I can get as I'm stumped.

Again I have to use the tools on hand and can't install anything new.

Question Credit: Bob Lyman
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Asked October 15, 2017
Posted Under: Unix Linux
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