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Where is motif used today [Resolved]

At my University there is a course called “Programming with Motif”

It being quite an old framework, I am wondering where motif / programs made with motif are used today.

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Asked October 15, 2017
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It tends to be used in old software (i.e. software which has been around for a long time, not necessarily obsolete software); for example:

For some reason lots of "scientific" software still uses Motif: ARB, ESO-MIDAS... And some software still supports Motif, although by default it doesn't use it any more; as schaiba mentioned, Emacs can be built to use Motif.

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Answered October 15, 2017
Also NEdit and Vim (text editors) as well as CDE (a desktop environment). – Bass Aug 13 at 22:23
 CanDoerz  1 year ago
FWIW, Vim also has a Motif interface. I suppose a course in using Motif could be useful in the same was as a C++-based course in object oriented programming could be useful if one wanted to learn OO, even if one isn't interested in C++. – Kusalananda Feb 17 at 14:45
 CanDoerz  1 year ago
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