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Installing the Citrix Receiver doesn't install all of the required libraries and executables [Resolved]

This is what my installation directory looks like. But when I install the Receiver on a user's PC, they only get like 6 DLLs and the CDViewer.exe. Everything else is missing, so they can't open anything from Citrix.

His receiver installation was originally messed up. So I tried uninstall and re-installing, but it kept saying it was already installed. So I ran the cleanup utility and then installed it from the login prompt. Which didn't work. So I repeated the process and installed from That also didn't work, so I repeated the process once more and then installed from But it also didn't work.

Any ideas on what's going on here?

Question Credit: ernest
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Asked December 7, 2017
Tags: citrix
Posted Under: Network
1 Answers

I was able to fix the issue by running the Citrix Cleanup Utility, restarting, and then installing the LTSR Receiver.

credit: ernest
Answered December 7, 2017
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