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Pages: Change Body Style for Entire document [Resolved]

I'm using Pages 5.5.3 on OS X 10.10.4. I can't figure out how to change the size of the Body style for the entire document. If I try to increase the size of the Body text it only changes the size of the text where my cursor was last - the rest of the document is unaffected.

Thank you in advance.

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Question Credit: RobertJoseph
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Asked May 14, 2018
Posted Under: Apple
1 Answers

When you click on the font size selector, an Update button appears beside the style you have selected:

Pages - update style throughout the document

Click on it and the style is updated to the new parameters. Existing and new text with this paragraph style will adopt them.

credit: Jaime Santa Cruz
Answered May 14, 2018
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