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Chrome 37 back button [Resolved]

I've tried various different Google searches on this, but can't seem to find the answer or even someone reporting the same problem.

I cannot for the life of me find the browsers back button. It's annoying enough that google decided to remove the refresh button from the address bar, but they can't seriously have completely removed the back button from the entire app could they?

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

I know under usual circumstances I can use the Android OS back button, however if I'm in the browser, then exit out to the home screen or switch to another app, and then reopen the browser, the back button no longer goes back in the browser - it goes back to the last activity I was in e.g. the home screen.

NOTE: This behaviour is not consistent. Like right now it is not happening, but a day or 2 ago, it was and I literally had no way to go back to the previous page because each time I pressed the back nav button the browser simply closed. So even if this does not always happen, I'm still puzzled as to where the browser back button has gone..and yet they leave the forward button in the menu...I almost never use the forward button.

p.s. If you too find the removal of the refresh button from the address bar ridiculous too, make sure to star the issue here so that the devs might notice and actually revert it.

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Asked August 20, 2018
Posted Under: Android
3 Answers

Yes, they've completely removed it from the UI, so you have to use the Android back button.

credit: Dan Hulme
Answered August 20, 2018

As a workaround you go to Settings->Home page and setting Homepage to javascipt:window.location.back() and use the home button as a back button. Here is a picture. It seems to work well but yes you did loose the home button.

enter image description here

credit: William
Answered August 20, 2018

The Android home button setting described above no longer exists on Samsung Android devices, so that fix is impossible.

credit: user271885
Answered August 20, 2018
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