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How do I mount a CloneCD .img file? [Resolved]

CloneCD is proprietary. I have a bunch of images that were created with in. Inside of the .CCD file it says.


How do I mount this?

Question Credit: Evan Carroll
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Asked August 20, 2018
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Posted Under: Unix Linux
2 Answers

To mount a .ccd file created with CloneCD, first translate the file to an .iso file,

ccd2iso MyImage.img MyImage.iso

Then mount the .iso file,

sudo mkdir /tmp/disk
mount -o loop -t iso9660 ./MyImage.iso /tmp/disk/

credit: Evan Carroll
Answered August 20, 2018

In many cases ccd2iso wont work. Try "acetoneiso". sudo apt install acetoneiso

credit: Neeraj
Answered August 20, 2018
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