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Getting multiple Apple IDs [Resolved]

Is it possible to have multiple Apple IDs?

Can I have different Apple Ids using my different email ids?

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Asked September 13, 2018
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3 Answers

Yes, an Apple ID is per email address, so you can have multiple Apple IDs in the same store, or different store.

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Answered September 13, 2018

I agree with Anthony Green's reply as you can have multiple Apple Accounts. But as of this time I would recommend against it as you can't merge account purchases to one account. So if you're going to use the upcoming iCloud service you can only sync one account with it, so anything on the second account that you have purchased will not sync.

Hopefully Apple will allow you to sync account purchases from multiple accounts to one master account in the future but who knows, sigh...

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Answered September 13, 2018

Having 2 Apple ID's is possible. Go to the AppleID website and create an new apple ID by filling in the requested information. You will most likely need to use an email not registered to an Apple ID yet, and possibly a phone number as well.

You may use one apple ID to sync to your icloud, and your second Apple ID to log into all of your Apple Purchases and Store accounts i.e. iTunes, iBooks, etc. The above users are right, in that you can not merge these two accounts. However, you can turn on "family sharing" to link these accounts, in order to share purchased apps accross each account.

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Answered September 13, 2018
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