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Viewing large number of pictures over network storage [Resolved]

I am trying to view a large number of images from a NAS on a MacBook Air.

So far I open the folder in Finder, select all the images, and double click on the first one. This opens the image and I can use arrow keys to move to the next image. This is basically what I want.

However there is a problem. If I open a folder with many images, because the viewer seems to load all images at once which takes a long time over the network (from the NAS on the LAN).

Is there a way to load the images on demand such that it just opens the image currently viewed? (and perhaps preload the next one in the background?)

Question Credit: user1583209
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Asked September 13, 2018
Posted Under: Apple
1 Answers

Try Quick Look. Select all the images, press spacebar and use the arrow keys to view the images.

credit: Tukanuk
Answered September 13, 2018
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