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Distributed System or not? [Resolved]

I am a software developer and I have developed a "software" with the following architecture: the front-end is developed in javascript using VueJs and NodeJS connecting to the back-end in python (framework Flask) via REST Api and as DB MongoDB.

If it matters NodeJS and Flask are running on the same machine instaed of Mongo wich is on cloud.

Now I am about to make an academic publication on this and the question is:

What kind of system is this?

My teacher suggested "Distributed System" but I am not totally sure on this. Is it?

I found online that this type of application should be a Three-Tier application but I always found something wich tells me not.

Can someone explain this to me?

Thank you.

Question Credit: Massimo Lavermicocca
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Asked October 4, 2018
Posted Under: Programming
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