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OOP and class that inherit from many classes [Resolved]

In OOP, is it possible to have a class that inherits from multiple other classes? And if yes, how is this situation called?

For example, suppose I have the following classes:


Now I want to have a class called Face which should inherit or depend on all these classes to make a Face object. In other words I want to assemble many classes into one class.

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Asked October 10, 2018
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3 Answers

You want Composition, not Inheritance, Here's a good overview of Inheritance vs Composition.

To elaborate, Inheritance represents a possible "is a" relationship. For example, if you have a Letter class, the particular letter M "is-a" letter. If you have a Vehicle class, "Audi A4" is a Car, which could be a subclass of vehicle. (though you might not want inheritance here either, YMMV)

Composition represents a "has a" relationship. My garage is not a Car, but it "has a" car. "Audi" is not a letter, but is has a (bunch of) letters.

In your example, nobody would say that the face "is an" eye. But it "has" 0, 1, or 2 eyes.

Modern "best practice" is to favor composition over inheritance, so, when it doubt, don't subclass.

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Answered October 10, 2018
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