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Ubuntu upgrade from 17.04 to 18.04 [Resolved]

I've installed ubuntu 17.04 and I want to upgrade it to 18.04. When I tried to do:

 sudo do-release-upgrade

I got a message saying An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool. Need inputs to proceed on this.

sudo do-release-upgrade
Checking for a new Ubuntu release
Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore.
For upgrade information, please visit:

Get:1 Upgrade tool signature [819 B]                                           
Get:2 Upgrade tool [1,257 kB]                                                  
Fetched 1,258 kB in 0s (0 B/s)                                                 
authenticate 'bionic.tar.gz' against 'bionic.tar.gz.gpg' 
extracting 'bionic.tar.gz'

Reading cache

Checking package manager

Can not upgrade 

An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool. 

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Asked January 11, 2019
Posted Under: Unix Linux
2 Answers

This was not properly explained anywhere, here is what you need to do (or how I did it):

Upgrade to 17.04 to 17.10: Unable to upgrade from ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10

sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak #to be safe
sudo sed -i -re 's/' /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo sed -i -re 's/zesty/artful/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt autoremove

(Links says to use aptitude instead of apt-get)

Upgrade from 17.10 to 18.04: EOLUpgrades

Replace everything in /etc/apt/sources.list with this:

## EOL upgrade sources.list
# Required
deb artful main restricted universe multiverse
deb artful-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb artful-security main restricted universe multiverse

# Optional
#deb artful-backports main restricted universe multiverse

Then run the upgrade:


Do what it says when asked and wait for it to finish and you should be done.

credit: uranibaba
Answered January 11, 2019

Thank you very much for the help, I was very helpful.

credit: JOABE
Answered January 11, 2019
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