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How to make Web Apps appear as First-Class Mac Desktop Citizens [Resolved]

I keep ending up with a myriad of open tabs in Chrome. It is a pain to switch between them compared to switching between regular mac apps.

So I would like be able to

  • pin them to the task bar
  • identify them using their favicon (task bar / ? + TAB)
  • always open them in a separate window

Just like it appears to be possible on windows:

I am looking for a solution with Chrome. But if there's a solution with another browser I may even consider switching...

Question Credit: Mutual Exception
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Asked February 2, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
2 Answers

Just found an awesome and apparently free solution:

It creates a chrome extension for your webapp, which enables you to launch the webapp just like a desktop app.

credit: Mutual Exception
Answered February 2, 2019
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