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How can I prevent opening new tab will get same URL as existing tab [Resolved]

I have been using Safari on OS X for a while without much issue until I hit the one described in the title.

Let's say I have a YouTube tab open. If I hit the new tab button and enter YouTube, instead of opening another tab, Safari redirects me to the existing YouTube tab. It is not limited to this website, Stack Overflow behaves the same for example.

I could not find anything in the settings related to this and Google didn't help either.

Any ideas?

Question Credit: Adrian Sicaru
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Asked February 2, 2019
Tags: macos, safari
Posted Under: Apple
1 Answers

Ok, so after searching a little more, I found that this is the normal behaviour and it cannot be changed. So the only solution so far is to either accept it or switch browsers. If a better answer is posted, I will approve it.

credit: Adrian Sicaru
Answered February 2, 2019
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