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Smart Battery Case: Can't find notification center in ios11 [Resolved]

I just got Apple's smart battery case for my iPhone 6S, but I'm having difficulty finding the charge status anywhere. It is supposed to be on the lock screen and the notification center. However, it doesn't show on the lock screen for me at all.

This is iOS 11, so when I swipe down from the top I get the same view as the lock screen. Still no battery charge status, of course. Swiping right takes me to the Today view, which has plenty of widgets but none for charge status.

From googling it seems you are supposed to be able to see yet another notification view by swiping up from the middle of the screen, but doing that doesn't do anything for me. I am on 11.0.3.

EDIT: It turns out that the battery status on the lock screen is only shown right when you plug or unplug the USB cable, for about 2 seconds. It doesn't normally show up. Man, I hate that.

Question Credit: Stephen
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Asked February 6, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
2 Answers

I just bought an Xs max and smart battery and mine only shows from a few seconds when you plug it it or unplug it . I can view it in widgets though . Disappointed in apple. I think this will be the last apple I buy

credit: Kevin
Answered February 6, 2019
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