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What is the difference between Factory Images and Full OTA Images on the Android download site? [Resolved]

On the Android Developer site you can download Factory Images or Full OTA Images.

factory full ota image

What are the exact differences between them?

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Asked February 11, 2019
Posted Under: Android
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Factory images are bootloader compatible images, that is to say, they can be flashed using fastboot or alternative low-level tools or environment.

Full OTA images are over-the-air updates that are to be flashed via recovery environment. OTA updates are usually either incremental or full. Incremental updates require the user to be running a specific Android build (not just Android version) as they increment in the existing build only. On the other hand, full OTA updates don't require a specific existing build to continue. They are handy when a user hasn't updated their system for a long time and wants to skip successive incremental updates.

credit: Firelord
Answered February 11, 2019
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