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Is there anything malicious with play support libraries? [Resolved]

I was doing my daily stuff on my Android Nougat.

And then something started downloading, play support libraries. I think OK right. But the moment downloading stopped, and installation started my mobile's screen started showing black screen for 2 secs with of a interval of about 5 secs. It continued for about 2 mins. And then the black screen was no longer appearing. But, now my phone started lagging.

So, I was thinking if that was indeed play support libraries or something else.

I'd also noticed that the first character of any word was not capital, i.e. play support libraries. Which is a small mistake lazy developers often make while making vulnerable apps with the name of any system app, e.g. phone / settings, so the user doesn't notice, after the app gets installed silently, and can do it's work without interference.

So, Is there anything I can do to check if my mobile's safe or not?

Question Credit: Zlytherin
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Asked February 11, 2019
Tags: security
Posted Under: Android
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