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Folder permissions, red x on user object [Resolved]

On shared folders on the file server, for the domain user name object under the security tab, the icon has a red x.

There are no symptoms, the users have full access, there is just a red x on the icon for their name.

dialog box with error

Why is this?

For clarification, logged into the windows 2008 r2 file server, browse to a users shared folder, right click on the folder, hit properties, click the security tab. The object representing the users domain name has a little red x on the lower right hand corner of the icon that looks like a single man. There are no symptoms beyond me wondering why the red x is there.

update: it does not show the x when you look at permissions from a workstation, only on the file server

Question Credit: Matt Bear
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Asked March 13, 2019
Posted Under: Network
1 Answers

Found out what was causing it, the server was part of a workgroup and I joined it to our domain. As I added users to the domain I disabled their local accounts, but did not remove them. I am guessing that because the local username was the same as the domain username(just a different UPN suffix), it was showing the disabled user icon. Once I removed the local user account completely, the red x went away on the domain account.

credit: Matt Bear
Answered March 13, 2019
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