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Is it possible to create a truly private user account in a public computer? [Resolved]

In my college computer that runs Windows 7 Professional SP1 I have an administrator account. I have full access to the entire computer and the files of every other account that's signed up.

The problem is: I'm not the only administrator, and they have the same access level as I do. Every time after I'm done using the computer I have to clear my browser history, sign off of every application I was using and place my files in a password protected compacted file. All this process is really inconvenient and bothersome. I've been looking after a solution to this issue for a while now, and already considered:

  • Creating a VM, using full-disk encryption. This obviously works but I'd like to avoid this.

  • Creating an encrypted volume with something like Veracrypt, the problem is that I could only install portable applications there (I think).

  • Encrypt my user folder. This would be a great solution that is available on Linux through eCryptfs, but I don't know if it's possible in Windows.

All the solutions I found online do not consider a shared computer and multiple system admins.

I hope one of you has an answer to this.

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Asked March 27, 2019
Posted Under: Security
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