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External Monitor Screen too large [Resolved]

I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. I plugged in my external 1080p display (HP 25bw) in clamshell mode and it almost works great - except the screen is too large for the monitor. My dock is too far down off the edge, and my menu is too far up.

For example, when I took the attached screenshot, the Chrome window fills the entire screen I can see:The chrome window is all I see

I have checked and the display options are using native resolution of the monitor (1920x1080 @60hz).

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks so much.

Note: For any with this same monitor model in the future, thanks to @bmike I found the steps for disabling overscan for this particular monitor model here:

Question Credit: malexdev
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Asked March 31, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
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