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Limit CUPS printer discovery from multiple interfaces [Resolved]

ServerFault! Coming here right from StackOverflow :)

Here is the problem: I have a Xubuntu PC that has two physical network interfaces. One of them is for purposes of my working room, another is to connect to other rooms in a building.

CUPS detects every single damn printer there is in a whole building. At least, those that are somehow ended up in that network. How do I make CUPS NOT to scan this external interface for printers? It should be up all the time.

Thanks in advance :)

Question Credit: Leontyev Georgiy
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Asked April 14, 2019
Posted Under: Network
1 Answers

I think what you're looking for is a configuration in cups-browsed.conf to deny printers of your "external" interface, e.g.:

# forbid browsing of external network


# forbid all,
BrowseDeny All

# then allow your local printers

Also have a look at the BrowseFilter options.

credit: Freddy
Answered April 14, 2019
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