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Push default settings to clients from print management [Resolved]

We have installed 30 printers to some 500 clients in our company using print management in Windows 2012 Server. Now we changed the default settings to the printers in print management (changed from default color to b&w).

How can i push these settings to the clients? If i reinstall the printers, the settings Will apply, but we want to avoid reinstalling in 500 clients.

Question Credit: Alex E.
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Asked April 14, 2019
Posted Under: Network
1 Answers

It seems that the funcionality exists within the Windows Print Management, it was a bug of Windows Server 2012 that didnt push the changes. More information:

For those having this problem, you need to keep in mind, that once the user changes the settings a local profile Will be created and the server wont push the settings anymore (tested in Windows Server 2012).

credit: Alex E.
Answered April 14, 2019
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