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htop, show cpu side by side [Resolved]

How can I show the CPU usage side by side rather than a list?

I have this : enter image description here

but I want to show it like this: enter image description here

Question Credit: nafas
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Asked May 13, 2019
Tags: linux, htop
Posted Under: Unix Linux
3 Answers

Go to settings (F2), under Meters, you select what is in the left column and what in the right column. Instead of CPUs (1/1) in the left column, select CPUs (1/2) for the left column and CPUs (2/2) for the right column. F10 to save the changes and it's done.

credit: orion
Answered May 13, 2019

If you press the F2 key, you will be able to organize the meters between both columns.

credit: Spack
Answered May 13, 2019

Or if F2 doesn't help, use Shift-S which will bring you to Settings. You do not need to be root to achieve this.

credit: Panki
Answered May 13, 2019
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