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How do I connect a 3rd 4K monitor to my 2013 Mac Pro? [Resolved]

I have a Mac Pro 2013. I already have two 4k monitors now connected to

the HDMI port (Bus 0) a thunderbolt port with a TB->HDMI adapter (Bus 1) Before I simply buy a third monitor and adapter, is it as easy as that?

Do I just plug another adapter into the last BUS that isn't being used? (I understand to separate the monitors on different buses.)

FYI, I tried a 3rd monitor that wasn't 4k and it didn't fire up/get recognized. I read somewhere on Apple's site that once you have one 4K monitor connected you need all of them to be 4K.

Question Credit: Beau D'Amore
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Asked May 13, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
2 Answers

Beau, did you ever get an answer to this? Which TB->HDMI adapter were you using at the time?

credit: Clark Rhee
Answered May 13, 2019
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