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What is the impact of disabling a printer's checkbox for "SNMP Status Enabled" with o [Resolved]

To harden SNMP security one must deviate from the default get community string of "public". Once that is done, as well as disabling any remaining get community strings of "public" such as HP units, there are two options to maintain printing functionality:

  1. Uncheck the SNMP Status Enabled checkbox for the affected printer on the client machine.
  2. Update the Community name for the affected printer on the client machine.

What impact is of disabling the "SNMP Status Enabled" setting? enter image description here

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Asked June 14, 2019
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2 Answers

Depending on the printer, SNMP might be needed to report statistics like how much toner is left to the driver. Generally though, if you don't use SNMP to manage the printer you should turn it off.

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Answered June 14, 2019

The impact would be mainly driver- and model-dependent. You will lose functionality like the ability to automatically retrieve the printer's installed options or meaningful error messages upon print job failures or holds. Also, some printer drivers come with client-side applications reporting ink/toner status - this would typically be unavailable as well if SNMP is disabled for the print queue.

Also, as joequerty pointed out, the printing functionality itself is using a different protocol and would be unaffected.

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Answered June 14, 2019
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