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Are there versions of Unix that don't have awk in default install? [Resolved]

Are there versions of Unix that don't have awk installed by default?

I am fine with an answer containing some really old outdated Unix variant which predates awk's creation; but would ideally prefer some specialist niche stripped down embedded modern one which excludes awk by design from core install.

(the impetus for asking: someone claimed that an SO answer using nothing but standard unix command line tools sans awk is useless, since every Unix has awk. I am pretty sure that last part is wrong, but don't recall any specific examples, just the fact that they exist).

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Asked June 24, 2019
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Solaris "small server" installations do not have a POSIX-compliant Awk available.

Technically this means they are not POSIX and not UNIX, but it's certainly possible that you will want to have your script work on these systems.

For additional reading, see:

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Answered June 24, 2019
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