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This app promises to run "fstrim" without root but I am not sure if it works [Resolved]

I am not sure if this app works. Can someone please help me? My phone is new and in its warranty period so I can't root it yet. I tried this app but I am not sure if it actually did something. Unlike the other famous app on the PlayStore for fstrim, it doesn't require root access which is quite incredible.

Question Credit: Sbeve Sbren
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Asked June 25, 2019
Posted Under: Android
3 Answers

I highly doubt it. I use an app called Trimmer which requires root to trim /cache, /data, /system. I installed this app & ran only selecting cache, but it shower trimeed cache & data. I ran a logcat, did not catch anything. So most probably it is a snake oil or at best it clears your cache.

credit: Saikat Kundu
Answered June 25, 2019
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