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How can I specific local port when establish ssh connection? [Resolved]

I have two servers hosted in IDC. I can only use these port 20/21/22/23/3389/33101-33109 to establish connection between two server. The IDC network device will block any other package which source port or destination port not in 20/21/22/23/80/3389/33101-33109. But the source port of ssh is random. There is wild known that using command

ssh username@server -p remote_port

can easily specific remote port. So is there a parament or some way can specific local port so I can using maybe port 33101 to eastablish ssh connection?
My network topo just like this: enter image description here

Question Credit: fajin yu
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Asked June 25, 2019
Tags: ssh
Posted Under: Unix Linux
1 Answers

you can not specify the source port for ssh client.

but you can use nc as a proxy, like this:

ssh -p 33101 -o 'ProxyCommand nc -p 33101 %h %p' $SERVER_2


credit: PapEr
Answered June 25, 2019
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