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How to restore the Whatsapp Messenger icon? Not the app, just the icon [Resolved]

Since quite some time now, the Whatsapp Messenger icon is not the proper icon, but the Android green trashcan icon. The app in itself is working properly, it just looks funny on the home screen.

Reinstalling is an obvious solution, but I would loose my chat history. Wouldn't I?

CAT B15Q, Android 4.4.2 (I know, ancient).

Question Credit: Sander de Jong
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Asked July 9, 2019
Posted Under: Android
2 Answers

After many automatic updates, one of the most recent ones spontaneously restored the app icon!

credit: Sander de Jong
Answered July 9, 2019

On my phone, you can bin the faulty WhatsApp icon and then reselect it from the installed apps list with the right icon.

credit: Andrew T.
Answered July 9, 2019
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