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How to make F-Droid hide data about incompatible packages? [Resolved]

In 2019 with F-Droid v1.22 running on an ancient DROID Pro about 95% of the much newer software is incompatible and grayed out. When browsing by category, these grayed out apps consume most of the screen. On this hardware F-Droid would be much more usable if there were some setting that would just hide all those grayed out apps.

Can F-Droid hide data about incompatible packages?

Failing that, is there some Linux-based app that can browse an F-Droid repository and filter out incompatible cruft?

DROID Pro version number data: System version: 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US, Android version: 2.3.4

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Asked July 9, 2019
Posted Under: Android
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Usually, this should be what the corresponding toggle on the Option page is for: If you untick "include incompatible apps", they should be hidden (and if you tick it, they are shown but grayed out – just as you describe).

As this doesn't work for you, you might be plagued by a long-standing bug. Unfortunately, there's nothing we at Android.SE can do about it but suggesting you to chime in there and rise awareness, so it might finally get fixed. As the issue is still open, it seems so is the bug – though updating to a more recent version is worth trying (v1.2.2 is not quite up-to-date; ATM v1.6 should be the current stable) if your Android version permits.

credit: Izzy
Answered July 9, 2019
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