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Samsung A50 keeps disconnecting wifi (whatsapp loses connection) after 5 minutes [Resolved]

My Samsung A50 keeps dropping the wifi (I suspect, Whatsapp web declares that the phone is unreachable). How can I keep it on? I noticed it's exactly five minutes after I press the button.

Please note that I already tried googling, as well as any proposed solution, and I disabled every possible thing that might put the application to sleep. I also noticed that every googling I did refers to options that are not present on the A50 (e.g. "Put wifi to sleep").

At this point I am out of ideas. Help?

Question Credit: Stefano Borini
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Asked July 9, 2019
Tags: wi-fi, samsung
Posted Under: Android
1 Answers

I came here to give an answer, but considering that as usual the hive mind of stack exchange decided to just slap downvotes, I'll keep the answer for myself.

credit: Stefano Borini
Answered July 9, 2019
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