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Hacker's Keyboard is ignored now, it tells me I have to unlock the phone? [Resolved]

Somehow my phone is not showing me my Hacker's Keyboard anymore. It's saying that it could send all the info I type to a 3rd party (which is technically correct, I would imagine...)

It used to work, I installed a new app. and after about a month it managed to prevent the keyboard from showing up. I went to the settings and turned the keyboard back on (ah! it looks like it was turned off on me...) That step told me that it would work only if I were to unlock my phone and reboot.

So how do I do that and is that specific to just this app or would it allow (unlock) any app. from doing what it wants? Is Android that lame?

Question Credit: Alexis Wilke
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Asked July 11, 2019
Tags: keyboard
Posted Under: Android
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