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Which is the best Jabber server regarding performance? [Resolved]

I'm currently using Openfire and got about 400 concurrent users every evening. My Problem is: 1gb of Memory and two Xeon cores with 1.8ghz each are not enough for it and I'm pretty sure more power would not really eliminate the problems as it's memory leaking.

My Use case is as follows:

  • Only MUC

  • Users chat via BOSH (using punjab atm.)

  • Flood prevention is a must

  • Message archiving/logging is a must

  • Webinterface for administering would be good

  • External authentication is a must

Now my question is:

  • What is the best jabber server for this use case?

I want one which is actively developed, has a good documentation and a plus would be a webinterface for administering.

I'm currently evaluating ejabberd. But the documentation is really awful. Or is there any good documentation about it somewhere?

Thanks for any help.

Question Credit: Michael Weibel
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Asked July 13, 2019
Tags: xmpp, ejabberd
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3 Answers

One word: ejabberd. No web interface though and docs suck at large.

credit: pfo
Answered July 13, 2019

Tigase ( is very good option.

credit: Jon
Answered July 13, 2019

I know it is kind of late, but this can help somebody who is looking. In terms of performance and scalability ejabberd is the BEST. This is because it is powered by Erlang.

ejabberd performance metrics

Disadvantage: Lack of documentation, resources available for Erlang is extremely rare if you want to customize.

credit: Bellan
Answered July 13, 2019
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