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In Linux Mint, how can I change Firefox to have English (US) as the default? [Resolved]

Firefox in Linux Mint 19 installed with or updated to English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), and English (South Africa), with English (Canada) as default.

How can I install English (United States) and make it the default?

(Note that I installed Mint as English United States UTF-8 for both Language and Region.)

Question Credit: Paul
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Asked July 20, 2019
Posted Under: Unix Linux
1 Answers

From the Firefox window's header bar (press 'alt' if it is hidden), go to


Click 'Set Alternatives' and the Firefox Language Settings dialog box will come up.

Click the drop down box 'Select a language to add...' and select English (United States). Click 'Add' to add the language to Firefox, and it should now appear as the top language in the list, meaning it is the default now for Firefox.

credit: Bart
Answered July 20, 2019
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