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Is this Android phone Android 9.0 or Android 6.0? [Resolved]

I purchased an XGody Mate 20, advertised as Android 9.0.

Indeed, if you switch it on Settings -> About Phone reports Android 9.0:

Android 9.0

However, when I plug the device in, Android Studio reports it to be Android 6.0:

Android 6.0

Also the DevCheck Android App also reports the device to be Android 6.0.

Is there any way to find out which is it really? I bought this under the understanding it was an Android 9.0 device.

Question Credit: Steven Haggerty
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Asked July 20, 2019
Tags: 9.0-pie
Posted Under: Android
3 Answers

Pull down the notification shade. If it looks like this: Android 6.0

It is android 6.0

If it looks like this:

Android 9.0

It is android 9.0

credit: Robert
Answered July 20, 2019
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