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Tool to assist loading servers into a rack? [Resolved]

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  • Is there any kind of tool to assist in loading an unloading servers? I realized that I lack both height and upper body strength to remove servers from the upper tiers of a rack? I could not find the name or type of equipment that folks are using to do this kind of work safely?

  • In this video can I see that they use a dedicated "server lift" which looks quite expensive until you consider the cost of what your lifting.

    Does anyone know of cheap server lifts or other tools that can be used for this?

  • In this video: 3:18 into the video. I'm curious about Server Jacks and possibly ballpark costs for them.

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Asked July 21, 2019
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Why is everyone giving the wrong answer?

It's called a scissor lift:


They make servers that are hundreds of pounds. Lots of storage arrays are far more than that. There comes a time when you don't want to rely on hands that were, most likely, just reaching for greasy potato chips.

Use the actual tool if server lifting is an issue.

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Answered July 21, 2019

The Mk 1 human head. Always worked well for me.

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Answered July 21, 2019

Your own two hands (or four if you have a helper, random victimization works well). Hold it like a pizza (one hand in the middle underneath, and the other on the front) and slide it into place. Be careful about how you're lifting the box, we have servers that weigh up to 70lbs.

credit: Chris S
Answered July 21, 2019

Google search for "server lifts" gives lots of results: link text. That type of lift will go to the top of a rack. We have a few in our DC, and they are invaluable.

credit: churnd
Answered July 21, 2019

Assuming you can't find any interns or colleagues to help, the name of what you are looking for is a server lift. Googling for rack mount server lift should point you in the right direction.

credit: MattB
Answered July 21, 2019

I don't know about the one in the video, but a search for server lift yields some likely results (including pricing information). My recollection is that there was a question here on ServerFault a while ago that had lots of recommendations for this sort of thing, but my brief search just now didn't yield anything.

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Answered July 21, 2019

Use a server lift if this is a common thing:

Otherwise, you can use 2-3 people to assist.

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Answered July 21, 2019

HERE is either the same lift or one very similar indeed.

Here's a picture

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Answered July 21, 2019

interns, coworkers, friends and step stools.

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Answered July 21, 2019

My tool is named Mike.

Seriously, you just need to ask for help... some of the Dell RAID arrays we have need 3 or more people.

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Answered July 21, 2019

one of those:

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Answered July 21, 2019

we have a server lift cart I am not going to name the company, there are many that build them. save your back and use the right tool for the job.

credit: Liam
Answered July 21, 2019

We actually own a SL500 ServerLift at my data center. Really great investment. if you are worried about what lifting servers can do to your employees, and the actual servers, i suggest you get one.

thats the one we have at our company, check it out, see if it's for you.

credit: john stron
Answered July 21, 2019
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