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nslookup result for [Resolved]

I am quite new to the networking world! I was tweaking with some networking concepts and I found that we can use DNS for load-balancing by having multiple records in a DNS name server.

So I ran a nslookup for and I got only one record. However, when I ran the same command for I got multiple records. I was wondering why this is happening? have I done something wrong?!

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Asked July 21, 2019
Posted Under: Network
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its a completely Extensive subject .

sometimes you cannot watch this through checking by nslookup.

if the domain dns zone hosted by third party like cloudflare and cloudns that will not expose the ip of nodes. then it cannot declared with nslookup . and possibly the ip you watch in this way is only the ip of dns server not the ip of load balancing servers.

by the way using the dns records for load balancing is using same records value with different ip address . then traffic will distributed among different servers with same configuration .

credit: NetProf
Answered July 21, 2019
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