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Create and format exFAT partition from Linux [Resolved]

Is it possible to create and format an exFAT partition from Linux?

Question Credit: Sean Colsen
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Asked July 21, 2019
Posted Under: Unix Linux
3 Answers

Yes, there is a project implementing exfat and the related utilities at relan/exfat.

To format a partition, use mkexfatfs / mkfs.exfat like with most filesystems, e.g.:

mkfs.exfat /dev/sdX1

As for creating the partition in the first place, this is the same as for any other filesystem. Create a partition in your favourite partition manager. If you have a MBR partition type, set its type to NTFS (that is code 7).

Note, that some distributions only package the fuse module, so you may have to build it yourself.

credit: Tombart
Answered July 21, 2019

The mkfs.exfat solution above works if a partition already exists on a drive, like a purchased USB pen drive. Use this link if you're starting from a bare disk:

Formatting a Universal Drive

credit: Billious
Answered July 21, 2019
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