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Macbook pro disable charging when connected to external monitor via thunderbolt 3 port [Resolved]

I can connect external monitor to macbook via type C port. But the battery starts charging when I do so.

This causes the laptop to always be charged at 100% (which is not good for battery life)

How do I avoid this charging when the monitor is connected to laptop?

Question Credit: xxx374562
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Asked August 13, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
1 Answers

I spoke with Apple chat support. They did not have a solution for this issue.

My tested and working solution is as follows:

I bought 2 things

  1. HDMI Cable (one end connected to external monitor)
  2. USBC to HDMI converter (one end connected to macbook)

Now, the macbook does not charge because of external monitor connection.

credit: xxx374562
Answered August 13, 2019
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