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How to mimic CTRL-d in Linux on Mac terminal [Resolved]

If I want to move a folder or file at some relative location, in Linux I use for example:

mv ../../

And that gives me a listing of files/folders at ../../ so I can quickly (using the TAB command as well) continue to build mv command path.

How do I emulate this same capability in Mac terminal?

I tried configuring stty eol, but that did not work.

I know I can first use ls to build the path, but I am looking for CTRL-d equivalent

Question Credit: R Blais
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Asked September 10, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
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This actually works the same way on Linux as on macOS. You're simply using a different shell on Linux than you're using on macOS, and that's why it appears to be different for you.

Instead of using bash, which you're running right now on macOS, you should instead start up tcsh. This will give you the behaviour, you're looking for (i.e. ctrl-d for file expansion).

You can simply start and run:


to test it out.

If you like it, you can open Settings in the General tab, and set the shell to open with to: /bin/tcsh

credit: jksoegaard
Answered September 10, 2019
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