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Is my screen being shared?! With whom? [Resolved]

For the last few days I've been getting a message on my lock screen

Unlocking with Apple Watch is not available with your screen is being shared

lock screen

A tad worrisome but I sort of disregarded and chalked it up to maybe a go2meeting screenshare not properly telling the os it's done or my some bug related to my secondary monitor being attached.

But I got it this morning after a full restart and without my secondary monitor attached. Now I'm kinda worried! Is my screen being shared with someone?! How would I even know?!

note that screen sharing is off:

sharing preferences screen

Question Credit: hackerhasid
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Asked September 10, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
3 Answers

There may be a less drastic explanation for this. I had the exact same issue and found that this happens after using slack for calls where I share my screen. So just restart slack after your call has ended. Haven't tested it with other screen sharing software yet.

credit: John P
Answered September 10, 2019
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