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ICANN Domain Grace Period for expired domains [Resolved]

Recently my domain has expired (2 weeks ago)

According to the ICANN website:, it says the following:

3.1. With the exception of sponsored gTLD registries, all gTLD registries must offer a Redemption Grace Period ("RGP") of 30 days immediately following the deletion of a registration, during which time the deleted registration may be restored at the request of the RAE by the registrar that deleted it. Registrations deleted during a registry's add-grace period, if applicable, should not be subject to the RGP.

3.2. During the Redemption Grace Period, the registry must disable DNS resolution and prohibit attempted transfers of the registration. ICANN-approved bulk transfers and permitted partial bulk transfers are not subject to the prohibition of attempted transfers. The registry must also clearly indicate in its Whois result for the registration that it is in its Redemption Grace Period.

3.3. Registrars must permit the RAE to redeem a deleted registration during RGP (if RGP is offered by the respective registry).

Does that mean that I have 30 days to recover my domain?

(Sorry I'm unsure if I posted this to the correct Stack Exchange community. If I am incorrect please suggest which community I should post to)

Question Credit: Yahya Uddin
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Asked October 6, 2019
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